Behind the Scenes on Wedding Day with Lauren Goeringer of LG Photography

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Wedding day is one of my favorite days. All of the design work and communication and months and months of planning come into fruition and I get to finally bring the couple's vision to life.

There is a kind of magic that happens for me on wedding day. In the few days prior to the event, I do usually feel some level of stress and nerves, but without fail, when I wake up on wedding day all of these melt away and I am full of joy and calm and anticipation. I love bringing those feelings of joy and calm with me to the event, as there is often stress and nerves from family or friends, and I love being able to counter that and add an element of stability to the day. You'll usually find me laughing and dancing my way through event design and set up. This helps to keep things light for me, but more importantly, it helps to keep things light for the couple. I love for all of my interactions with couples on wedding day to help them feel more relaxed and in the moment, rather than stressed about how it's all going to come together.

When I first arrive at the venue, I love to get myself organized and ready for the day. Then I usually begin working on any large scale floral installations, like the arch or hanging instillations. During this time, my team is often helping with the installation if I need it, or they're working on detail aspects of the day, like tying ribbons, placing centerpieces, and working on table scapes. I always set up the first table so that everyone knows what the aesthetic is, but then I trust my team to keep replicating that. I always bring on people for events who are self-motivated, driven, and able to stay calm under pressure. I choose my team carefully so that I know that everything will be executed to my standard.

My favorite part of wedding day is when the couple and the family get to see the flowers for the first time. I love hand delivering the personal flowers to the bride(s) and/or groom(s), if I'm able to, so that I get to see their reaction first hand. I also love doing a walk through of the venue with the couple so they get to see their design vision come to life. There is always a tiny flutter in my heart as I watch them see their florals for the first time, but the smiles and hugs that follow when they love what I've created for them makes it all worth while.

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PS- All the pictures on the post are from the very talented Lauren Goeringer from LG Photography in Asheville. Check her out here


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